innovative, cost effective rtechnology solution

Who use TravelBox

TravelBox supports many sectors of the global Travel & Tourism market including..

  • Tour Operators
  • Airlines
  • Destination Management
  • Companies
  • Consolidators
  • Accommodation Providers
  • Transport Companies
  • Ground Services Specialists
  • Tourism Authorities
  • Travel Agents
  • ... more

Setting up your business

With rapidly changing technology and the innovations that come with it, having such a profound influence on the way business is conducted in the travel and tourism industry, it becomes more and more important to stay well informed to keep that commercial edge in a volatile industry.
With TravelBox, stepping up any business to be competitive by increasing speed to market, product flexibility and sales results becomes achievable.

What it dose

We believe that TravelBox is more than a functional and process rich Reservation Platform that offers a 'breath of fresh air' to systems for the global travel industry, which in contrast to many of the alternative solutions that are available in the market today, will revolutionise the way in which travel organisations operate while helping them to maximize business opportunitites, profits anmd efficiencies, through it's unique and innovatoive features and functionality. ...more